Coat of arms

Wednesday, 18 September 2022

War is over

BritishWanderer III, Crown Prince and Duke of Bedford

The war is finally over.

On 1 August 2022, the Principality of Pavia received a declaration of war from Rhode Island. We, alongside our allies and friends, have fought valiantly for over two months. We have fought across the entire world — on the great plains of Pavia to the deserts of eastern Titan, in the Icenian forests and the jungles of Estalia.

Now, we no longer have to.

The Rhodesian Vault has been broken and the pearls inside freed. The overwhelming majority of Rhodesians and their allies are now banned or pearled. The former state of Rhode Island is hereby declared null and void and its territorial claims are dissolved.

We call on the few remaining Rhode Island-aligned co-belligerents and individuals to lay down their arms and make peace. You are outnumbered and cannot win. The fighting is over and there is more than enough room for you in the long peace which now stretches out before us.

I implore those across the server, whatever side of this conflict — if any — you fell on, to band together and help in the recovery efforts across the server, such as in the city of Icenia. Like Pavia, the Republic of Icenia was another neutral country which took pains to be uninvolved in this war — and yet it came to their doorstep anyway. The Icenian people have emerged victorious, but their hometown has been torn apart with senseless obby bombing. Pavia and Titan too have been griefed and the work to bring our lands back to their pre-war prosperity is only just beginning.

We must come together to cleanse the server of these barbaric actions and rise anew together.

Since the outbreak of this war, Pavia has endured. Our little Principality has been been under constant siege and has remained as the front line against Rhode Island and its fighters. We have fended off countless assaults from the ground, attempted skybridges, bastion breaks and indiscriminate obby bombing of our builds. But throughout this, we were able to hold out, mainly because of the indefatigable support of our allies and world citizens and the inimitable courage of our loyal citizens and supporters.

With a coalition of unlikely allies from across the world, united by a desire to simply play and prosper on this server and this genre as it always has been, we have held out, and we have won.

Pavia promised that we would never forget the support of our allies. And we hold true to that.

We owe every last one of you an enormous debt, one which we shall spend the rest of this server’s lifespan repaying. Whatever shape the postwar world takes, Pavia pledges to safeguard peace, building, diplomacy, politics, trade and to challenge this shittery wherever it arises.

God bless Pavia, God bless the Coalition, and God bless CivMC!