National threat level

The Pavian Government monitors threats to the country and its citizens. The national threat level indicates the likelihood of conflict in Pavia.

This informs what safety measures individuals, businesses and authorities need to take. It also informs the Pavian Government’s national security preparedness and response planning.

Current national threat level

Pavia’s current national threat level is POSSIBLE.

This is because credible intelligence, assessed by our security agencies, indicates there are a small number of people overseas who want to cause Pavia harm.

You don’t need to change your daily behaviour or activities. Government authorities will tell you if this changes.

Local authorities will provide you with the current advice. It is important to stay up to date with them and the threat level.​

National Threat Advisory System

There is a scale of 5 levels. They are:

Not expected

The Pavian Government regularly reviews the security environment and the threat level and publishes​ advice for the public on this website.

Our response

The Pavian Government is working closely with communities to prevent conflict.​

Authorities have well-tested cooperative arrangements in place and have adopted appropriate security measures.

The Coast Guard and security agencies liaise closely with critical infrastructure owners and operators.

In the current environment, Pavians should go about their daily business as usual but should exercise caution and be aware of events around them.

If you see, hear or become aware of something suspicious or unusual, let the Coast Guard know. Every piece of information is important and could prevent an attack in Pavia.